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Marilyn monroe is an amazing fashion icon who has tons of great clothing with her likeness on it. Since winter is just around the corner I have chose to get some hoodies and sweatshirts featuring marilyn monroe, and i couldn't be happier.

marilyn monroe hoodie (2).jpg

The bandana marilyn monroe sweatshirt is currently the most popular ( for the whole sweatshirt collection).  From there you can look for shirts, leggings, pants, and even phone covers with marilyn monroe's likeness on it.

So far i have worn my hoodie to school a few times and got really good reactions.  Alot of people asked me things liike "is that marilyn monroe? Cool!"  Even some of my spanish speaking friends loved the thing.

In addition to this hoodie I am considering branching out to  other styles like lana del rey hoodies or something with rihana or taylor swift.

If you own a sweatshirts or clothing with celebrities message me and we can discuss;)

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